Judith's Boutique will perform professional alterations on your Bridesmaid dresses and Wedding Dresses at a fair price! We are committed to quality work for all your alteration needs.

Duration: 25-30 Minutes

Starting from: $75.00 Per Item

The bridesmaid and special occasion dresses the minimum charge is $75.00. I must look at the gown on you for me to give you the accurate price for the service you need. At the first fitting, you come in with your dress shoes and the under garment that you will wear with you gown.

Note: This is applied also to wedding gowns fitting.

This fitting will last 25-30 minutes. Usually it takes two fitting depending on how drastic the changes that we have make on your gown. The prices are itemized and it is listed on the work order. Anything that you want to change later that is not listed in the work order must carry some additional charges.

Note: This is applied also to all wedding gowns fitting.

After pinning your gown at the bodice, you must maintain your weight so, when you come back the gown will fit to you as good as I pinned it on you. After the final fitting if you gain weight or vice versa I must charge you for redoing the works. You come to me to make you look your best in your gown. So, my mean focus is to make you look beautiful. However, I do not know how you feel it is your responsibility to tell me about your feeling.

If there is anything that you do not like about your gown that is the result of my alteration you must tell me and you must not take your gown out from my shop.

I only work and alter clothing, I do not alter body fat. I can’t not make you look 10-20 pounds’ lighter by altering your gown. The wedding gowns alteration minimum is 250.00 it will take 3-5 fittings depending on the details of the garment and the re-designing I must do. I can redesign your vintage gown I can build the top of your strapless grown for a Muslim and Mormon wedding. I can’t give you the price on alteration w/out looking your gown on you.

It takes 2-3 months to get the wedding gowns alteration. I do emergency alteration if needed. Losing weight, procrastination is not emergency. You must have your gown aisle ready 3 weeks prior to your wedding. In my busy season, I cannot play with the bride thinking of losing weight for the wedding I have a lot of clients gowns to work on and my service and availability is first come first serve.

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